one last spin

Beat the Fix is working with professionals to make a documentary about gambling today. The film will centre upon Martin Paterson’s story – from compulsive gambler to lobbyist and campaigner about the dangers associated with digital gambling. Accompanying Martin’s story will be short interviews with others who have lived experience, including those seriously affected by the gambling of people close to them. Also in the film will be the voices of academic researchers into gambling including views on industry practices. There will also be short sequences of drama overlaying the main story with paid actors: these will encapsulate the sort moments that compulsive gamblers will recognise in their own experience. All-in-all the aim is to produce a very human-centred film rather than a collection of facts and statistics.

It’s early days in February 2020 as initial planning takes place. This is to be a very professional production aiming to present a film to the highest industry quality.

We will shortly have dedicated Youtube and Vimeo channels which will track the film’s progress (and include any unintended funny moments!) You’ll be kept up to date with things on our twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.


This page will be updated as required. Currently we are contacting people to see if they may be interested in taking part in the documentary. At a later stage we shall probably make appeals for specific contributors such as family members who have been affected. We are also extremely focused upon achieving a good gender balance in the film’s participants.

That’s all for now. If you haven’t done so already, why not sign up for blog updates at our homepage? Meanwhile, here’s our business card for you to get in touch if you’d like to. Thanks for reading!

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