The Machine Zone is a community education organisation. It is based in Scotland and focuses upon Scottish and UK contexts. Our mission is to work locally in the county of Lanarkshire. Our digital presence – such as websites and social media – is relevant to much wider communities.

The company’s activities aim to provide benefit to primarily people in the region of Lanarkshire, though several benefits will accrue to similar populations beyond this geographical area. Our focus is upon all 16-25 year olds, and all adults who may be at particular risk in the context of managing personal risk in digital environments. Our activities within the region of Lanarkshire may include, for example, training sessions with students or community groups; as we intend to develop websites, printed materials, theatre and video a similarly constituted community beyond geographical borders will be able to access resources.

We regard our vision as focused upon inculcating life skills, and particularly 21st Century literacy skills. For many members of the community, this has been a neglected area. Some of the skills are built on existing life skills such as personal financial management.

Our aims largely act to prevent and minimise harmful digital consequences, but we will offer signposting to support services to anybody already suffering negative consequences.

As mental health and wellbeing are now increasingly associated with the potential harms of some digital behaviour, our company aims to contribute to development of good mental health in the community.

We shall network closely with other organisations and institutions, thereby contributing to cohesion in the various sectors involved, particularly between Third Sector and statutory bodies, and networking within the Third Sector.

The local community will enjoy our arts based productions such as videos and theatre pieces.

We shall be a presence on social media, and associate a website with the company, and, where appropriate, websites for specifically focused projects (e.g. online gambling).