Gambling Watch Scotland

Formerly GamblEye!

Just to confuse everybody we have renamed our anti-stigma project to Gambling Watch Scotland

For various reasons we are going with the new name and logo. Everything about the project remains the same, and you can read a description here.

We shall be delivering our website in March. However, while we hope this will be a valuable and lasting resource which can be updated and invite contributions, our intention remains to deliver our work in community settings as and when COVID restrictions allow.

We’d love to hear from people for whom stigma brought shame and a reluctance to come forward to share their problems or seek support. We’d especially lke to hear from people suffering various degrees of social stigma already, before the stigma of gambling was added. These may include women, people from minority ethnicities, religious affiliates, refugees, people with high status jobs or positions in societies.

“As an addict, society tells you that you’re bad, somehow evil, a wrong ’un and you end up believing it.”

Victoria, former victim of heroin harms

We welcome any level of contribution from a few words to an article. If you feel willing to share your experiences of how stigma impacted, or is impacting, upon your wellbeing and recovery from harms please drop us a line at: or DM us at twiiter, @themachinezone.

We’ll stick exactly to your wishes for how your contributions may be used.

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